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Understanding the Four Parts of Medicare, Help for You to Choose the Right Coverage

Medicare is one of the largest government programs which offers medical coverage to people in the United States who are generally 65 years of age or older or have certain disabilities that allow them to qualify for coverage prior to their sixty-fifth birthday.

Medicare is split into four main parts labeled Medicare Part A, B, C, and D. All of these different parts of Medicare come with a variety of offerings and require a closer look to see which parts are or are not right for your particular situation.

Are You Automatically Enroll In Medicare Part A At 65?

You do not automatically enroll in Medicare Part A at 65. You have to be sure that you have enrolled during the open enrollment period, or you could learn about how the enrollment works if you are making this change at an odd time. You can get into the Medicare Part A plan at any time because you are 65, but you are not thrown into the mix unless you ask to get into the Medicare insurance plans. You need to be sure that you know what you are choosing because you have many insurance plans that could be used to help you maintain your health.

        Part A – Hospital Coverage

Part A of Medicare offers hospital coverage to all who hold this policy. It typically covers inpatient hospital care and also inpatient stays in the majority of nursing homes. It is important to check with a nursing home of interest to confirm that they do indeed accept Part A Medicare coverage. This plan would be for anyone who could foresee even a few hospitals stays later on in life as the out of pocket cost otherwise would be much too great of a financial burden. The majority of people over the age of 65 who hold a Medicare policy elect Part A.

Part B – Medical Coverage

Medicare Part B is also carried by the majority of eligible people because of all of the areas of medical services that it covers. Part B covers your annual or bi-annual checkups to the doctor as well as any clinical lab service that may be required throughout your lifetime. It also covers both preventative care as well as the outpatient care with services offered such as regular health screening, flu shots, and other immunizations. This is usually very attractive to seniors as their bodies may not be as best suited to fend off illness and disease as they once were due to a decline in their immune system that is associated with aging. If any in-home health care is required by a patient, this segment of Medicare also covers either partially or entirely the visits of healthcare professionals to your home. If a patient requires a surgery, Part B of Medicare covers your surgery fees as well as the surgical supplies that are required for the patient’s particular surgery. Older adults can often benefit from other health services such as physical therapy or occupational therapy to help them regain some of the motor skills they may have lost over the years. Part B Medicare includes a variety of services that almost all eligible people can benefit from in one form or another.

Part C – Both Hospital and Medical Coverage

Part C Medicare coverage is a combination of both Part A Medicare and Part B Medicare. It includes both hospital coverage and medical coverage. This is one of the most popular plans picked by those who are eligible for Medicare because it covered emergency hospital visits as well as preventative care. This health care option gives individuals the peace of mind that they will continue to be able to afford regular doctor visits as well as coverage in the unfortunate event that an emergency room or extended hospital stay is necessary. Flexibility is one of the most comforting things you can find in a healthcare plan and Medicare Part C offers exactly that.

Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D Medicare plans can either be stand-alone or can be combined with other aspects of a Medicare plan to round out your health care plan. It is used to either completely cover or offset the sometimes high cost of prescription drugs. Later in life, it can become more common for an individual to have more prescriptions making Part D insurance a huge cost saver over time. If you are of good health and have few to no prescriptions it may not be necessary to include the additional cost of Part D Medicare coverage. Luckily, during open enrollment periods it is possible to add Part D Medicare coverage so if an individual is required to start taking a prescription, they can then add this additional coverage to either offset or completely cover their prescription drug costs.

Knowing What Plan is Right For You

It is imperative to understand what your specific needs are a healthcare provider and to make the best decision for yourself. We are all different and require different coverage. Although someone may be perfectly healthy, the peace of mind that additional coverage provides may outweigh the potential worry that an individual feels they are under-covered. By staying informed and weighing all of the options that are available, you are able to make the optimal decision about the future of your health.

Benefiting from all Parts of Medicare

Every individual who is eligible to receive Medicare can start truly benefiting from all parts of Medicare whether you know it or not. Part A can really protect individuals from running into problems trying to pay for hospital bills that could really add up if an individual has to stay in a hospital for a prolonged amount of time. Part B truly helps individuals who want to continue to get checkups and doctor visits to make sure they do not have to be bedridden for an extended period of the time ignore. Ailments that may need to be treated. This plan really helps cut the cost of these simple doctor visits without Part B medical costs could be significantly high. Medicare Advantage or Part C is an amazing plan that utilizes all of the plans into one big super plan where individuals can receive all Medicare Plans with just one insurance provider that has limits as to how much they can charge individuals. Medicare prescription drug benefit is very important for individuals who have or may get conditions they may need prescription drugs for. Furthermore, individuals eligible can begin benefiting from all parts of Medicare when they choose to do so with the knowledge that has been provided here.

Deciding Where to Start for MedicareImage result for medicare

When deciding where to start for Medicare individuals should start researching or reading articles like these in their early 60s so that they are fully educated before they turn 65 so they will not run into any future problems when they become eligible for Medicare. They should first understand the initial enrollment period which begins 3 months before they turn 65 and ends 3 months after an individual turns 65. Next, it would be very beneficial to start visiting a current doctor to see if they have a condition or are likely to have conditions so they can truly know which plans they should utilize.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Another great thing to remember when deciding where to start for Medicare is to look out for Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans are great because an individual can receive all of the Medicare benefits in one big plan. They are great but individuals must remember that there are limits to these plans since they are offered by healthcare providers rather than the United States Government. This can cause problems as individuals must only use their plan in certain areas or at a certain hospital which can limit some especially if they plan on moving in the future. These are some very important things to remember and a lot of information has been shared in this article so individuals should make sure they re-read this article and or do further research on Medicare.

Image result for medicare illustrationDo You Need Supplemental Insurance? 

You need supplemental insurance if you have problems with how much you have spent on certain medical options. You could use the supplemental insurance to cover up all the problems that you are dealing with when you get bills for responsibility. Someone who is trying to make the best financial decisions for themselves need to be sure that they can get a supplemental plan that will automatically kick in. This also means that you will never pay for medical care, and you pay a tiny premium every month for this coverage.