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Trumpcare,  AHCA, Obamacare What Do They Do, Are They Still Available

Health care is a complex system and one not easily understood, sometimes not even by those who are using and benefiting from it.  With every government contributing something new to it keeping up can be a difficult task and the latest policy in the line of the long

Who Benefits When Trump Administration Negotiates Lower Drug Prices for Patients

The Trump Administration is promising lower drug prices; while also pushing for greater accessibility to drugs for all Americans.  According to a recent May 11, 2018, White House briefing by President Donald Trump, the goal is to “bring soaring drug prices back down to earth,” while also promote

Medicare Part A For Senior Citizens- Enrollment Period- Difference Compared To Other Plans

Enrollment for Medicare Part A and B is important because this is the time of year when you can choose a plan that matches up with your needs.  Be sure that you have learned about the special enrollment period that is outside the deadline. You can look at

Can Medicaid Or Medicare Pay For Assisted Living? Benefits Of Assisted Living

It can be difficult for families to begin to think about placing our loved ones into assisted living. Why consider assisted living?  For some, this consideration comes out of necessity to guarantee the needs of the elderly person are being met. Others, it is because the family member